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In the heart of Transkei, amidst the struggles of apartheid, Songezo Zibi was born in 1975. Raised in rural villages, he bore witness to the harsh realities of racial segregation. However, his story transcends those challenges as he emerged as a prominent figure in South Africa, contributing significantly to journalism and social change.

Songezo Zibi’s Early Life and Career:

Zibi’s journey took a pivotal turn when apartheid came to an end. Eager to be a part of the positive transformation, he relocated to Pretoria to embark on a journalism career. His dedication led him to prestigious positions at the Financial Mail and Business Day, where he eventually ascended to the role of editor.

Songezo Zibi’s Literary Contributions:

Beyond his editorial prowess, Zibi is a published author with two notable works, “Raising the Bar: Hope and Renewal in South Africa” and “Manifesto: A New Vision for South Africa.” In these compelling books, he addresses pressing issues such as inequality, corruption, and economic stagnation. Zibi offers pragmatic solutions, advocating for investments in education, job creation, and a relentless fight against corruption.

Songezo Zibi’s Social Impact through the Rivonia Circle:

A testament to his commitment to change, Zibi co-founded the Rivonia Circle, a non-profit think tank dedicated to finding innovative solutions for South Africa’s challenges. This collective brings together experts from diverse fields to engage in discussions that delve deep into the nation’s issues.

Political Venture – Rise Mzansi:

In a bold move, Songezo Zibi recently launched Rise Mzansi, a people-centered political alternative challenging the established political order. Speaking at the launch on Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, Zibi expressed his belief that South Africa needed a reset, a new direction, and fresh leadership.

The Rise Mzansi Manifesto:
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The manifesto of Rise Mzansi outlines a vision for comprehensive reforms, spanning electoral, judicial, and government sectors. Zibi envisions a South Africa characterized by equality, safety, and prosperity within a single generation. The movement was born out of a collective yearning for change and renewed hope in the face of a broken system.


Songezo Zibi’s journey from the hardships of apartheid to becoming a leading voice in South Africa is both inspirational and transformative. Through his literary works, involvement with the Rivonia Circle, and the launch of Rise Mzansi, Zibi continues to shape the narrative of South Africa’s future. The Rise Mzansi movement, with its bold ideals and commitment to reform, signals a promising step towards a brighter, more equitable future for the nation.

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