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In the dynamic landscape of Nigerian journalism, one name stands out – Oseni Rufai. Born on April 8, 1980, in Lagos State, Nigeria, Rufai has become a household name, celebrated for his contributions as a media personality, public speaker, and TV host. Join us on a journey through Oseni Rufai’s remarkable life, from his early days to his influential career and the controversies that have colored his path.


Oseni Rufai Early Life:
Rufai Oseni

Hailing from Odogbolu in Ogun State, Rufai was raised in Lagos by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oseni. Despite losing his mother during his teenage years, Rufai’s father remained a guiding presence until 2022. Proudly of Yoruba descent, Rufai spent his formative years in Lagos before embarking on a journey that would define his illustrious career.

Oseni Rufai Education:

Rufai’s academic journey took him to a federal government college for his high school education. He later pursued a degree in Animal Physiology/Reproductive Physiology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Additionally, he honed his skills at Lagos Business Pan-Atlantic University, earning a certificate in entrepreneurship management.

Oseni Rufai Career:

With over 18 years in journalism, Rufai’s career started as a broadcaster, making waves on radio stations like Radio Warri, Unique FM Ilesa, Gold FM Radio Ilesa, and Ogun State Radio. His television career blossomed, with stints at various stations and notable roles such as being a BBC Bristol Analyst on African Issues since 2014. In 2017, he served as a TV Continental Analyst on small business and the economy. Rufai is also a co-founder of loyal bonus e-commerce company and Edupear Education Innovation learning.

Beyond media, Rufai has been a speaker at TED conferences and Cambridge University Judge Business School. He serves as an evaluator at Acumen and has been an Arise Channel News host since 2019. Passionate about technology, he advises various tech companies in Nigeria and Africa.

Work Experience:

Rufai’s extensive work experience includes roles at JFM Radio Warri, Unique FM Ilesa, Gold FM Ilesa, Ogun State Television, and Inspiration FM. He co-founded Eureka Kapital in 2014 and is currently the Director and CEO of NEO Media Group. His commitment extends to being a member of the Lagos State government think tank for disability management.

Oseni Rufai Net Worth:

As of now, Rufai’s estimated net worth ranges between $100,000 to $500,000, amassed through his media career and business ventures.

Oseni Rufai Personal Life:

Rufai, unfortunately, lost both his parents – his mother when he was a teenager and his father in August 2022. He keeps his siblings and family life private. While rumors circulate about his marital status, Rufai maintains a low profile on his personal life.


Rufai’s accolades include the Nigeria Media Nite-Out Award for OAP of the year (16th edition). Beyond awards, he has mentored successful startups, co-founded numerous companies, and authored impactful books and articles focusing on Nigeria’s leadership and politics.

Oseni Rufai Personal Profile:
Rufai Oseni 1

Standing at 5’6″, Rufai weighs 98 kg. Recognized by his brown skin, deep manly voice, and the nickname “Ruffydfire,” he maintains an active presence on social media platforms.


In 2022, Rufai found himself in a public controversy when a video surfaced showing him violating traffic rules in Lagos. The incident led to a confrontation with the Nigerian police, prompting the Lagos State government to promise disciplinary measures.


Oseni Rufai’s journey is one of resilience, success, and occasional controversy. From his early days in Lagos to becoming a sought-after journalist, entrepreneur, and advocate, Rufai’s story continues to unfold. Whether on television screens or behind the scenes, he remains a force in Nigerian media, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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