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Makhosazene Twala, widely known as Khosi Twala, a versatile South African personality born on August 10, 1997. Beyond being a reality TV star, Khosi has made her mark as a model, journalist, broadcaster, influencer, fitness enthusiast, and a contestant in various beauty pageants. Join us as we delve into the captivating biography of this rising South African sensation.

Khosi Twala Early Life and Education:

Khosi Twala, born in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, emerged from the vibrant Zulu tribe. Raised in a family of six, including two brothers and a sister, Khosi’s childhood was shaped by her passion for the media industry. Nicknamed “Yo-highness K” during her teenage years, her journey into the limelight began.

Her educational path led her through prestigious public schools in KwaZulu-Natal, including Lincolns Height Secondary School from 2011 to 2015. Her active involvement in the Press Club, Literary & Debate Society, and Drama Society foreshadowed her future career in the media. Khosi pursued her dream at the University of the Free State (UFS), where she earned a degree in Journalism in 2018. Furthering her studies at Oakfields College, she recently achieved a Master’s degree from the University of Johannesburg in December 2021.

Khosi Twala Career Beginnings:
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Khosi’s passion for media was nurtured through internships in Bloemfontein during her undergraduate years. Moving to Johannesburg, she excelled as a journalist and expanded her horizons, earning a Master’s degree in 2021. Simultaneously, she ventured into modeling, participating in renowned beauty contests like Miss Free State SA (2017) and Biogen Face Of Fitness (2020).

A Beauty Influencer and Fitness Expert:

Khosi’s allure extends beyond the media as she became a sought-after beauty influencer, collaborating with esteemed brands such as Unravel Me Swimwear, Milani Hair Studio, and Sissy Boy Jeans. Renowned for her fitness expertise, Khosi’s journey is a testament to her multifaceted talents.

The Big Brother Titans Reality Show:

In 2022, Khosi took a leap into reality television by auditioning for the Big Brother Titans Reality Show. Since January 15, 2023, she has been one of the selected housemates, competing for a $100,000 (USD) prize alongside contestants from Nigeria and South Africa.

Khosi Twala Personal Life and Net Worth:
Khosi Twala1

Despite her flourishing career, Khosi Twala remains single, dedicating her time and energy to her professional pursuits. Her net worth, estimated at $300,000, reflects the success she has achieved through her modeling career, reality TV stardom, and brand collaborations.


Khosi Twala’s journey from a passionate teenager in KwaZulu-Natal to a multifaceted South African sensation is a testament to her determination and talent. As she continues to shine in the worlds of media, modeling, and reality TV, Khosi serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals seeking success on diverse fronts.

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