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Meet Faith Duke, the talented Nigerian actress, Nollywood movie producer, and Indian-trained pharmacist who has been making waves in the entertainment industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life and career of Faith Duke, covering everything from her early days to her current success in Nollywood.

Faith Duke’s Early Life and Background:

Faith Duke, born Amobi-Duke Faith Adimchinaka on September 15, 1998, hails from Oji River in Enugu State, Nigeria. As a Pastor’s daughter, Faith was raised in a Christian family of six, with her father, Ven. Duke Amobi, serving as an Anglican Priest. She is the eldest among her siblings, which include two sisters, Duke Divine and Goody Duke, and a younger brother named Jachike Duke.

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Faith Duke’s Educational Journey:

Faith Duke’s educational journey took her to India, where she pursued a degree in Pharmacy at an Indian University. She successfully graduated as a pharmacist, showcasing her dedication to both the medical field and the arts.

Faith Duke’s Career Beginnings:

Upon returning to Nigeria from India, Faith Duke decided to pursue her passion for acting and filmmaking. In 2022, she made her debut in Nollywood with the movie “By Force Marriage.” Notably, her career gained momentum when she crossed paths with renowned Nollywood producer Uche Nancy, who became a mentor and played a pivotal role in Faith’s journey.

Movies and Achievements:

Faith Duke’s filmography includes notable titles such as “Mirage,” “Faithful Betrayal,” “Made for Love,” and “Gen-Z Lovers,” the latter being her debut production. She has shared the screen with esteemed actors like Toosweet Annan, Maurice Sam, Destiny Etiko, and others, earning accolades for her impressive performances.

Relationship Status:

Faith Duke remains single, focusing on her burgeoning career. While she has not tied the knot, she has confirmed being in a relationship, emphasizing that she is content and not actively searching.

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Faith Duke’s Impact in Nollywood:

Faith Duke’s charm, talent, and dedication have quickly made her one of the most promising actresses in Nollywood. Her versatility in portraying various roles, combined with her unique style, has garnered a growing fan base and admiration within the industry.


Faith Duke’s journey from a small town in Enugu to the spotlight of Nollywood is a testament to her resilience and talent. As she continues to make waves in the entertainment scene, we can only anticipate more captivating performances and productions from this rising star.

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