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In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Linus William Ifejika, popularly known as BLord or Bitcoin Lord, stands as a beacon of success and innovation. Born on March 14, 1998, in Umuji Ebenebe, Anambra State, Nigeria, BLord has carved his path as a renowned entrepreneur, making waves in the cryptocurrency industry.

BLord Early Life & Education:

BLord, the eldest son among seven siblings, hails from Anambra State, Nigeria. While details about his educational journey remain shrouded in mystery, his upbringing by Mr. and Mrs. Ifejika adds an air of mystique to his personal history.


BLord Career Beginnings:

In 2017, BLord’s journey into the cryptocurrency realm began. Fueling his passion, he quickly immersed himself in Bitcoin trading and investment. Beyond personal gains, he generously shared his knowledge by creating informative content for fellow enthusiasts.

In 2019, BLord took a significant leap by founding the Blord Group of Companies, a cryptocurrency investment firm. This conglomerate included ventures like the Bitcoin Store, Gadget Store, Luxury Store, Automobile Center, JetPay, and Bill Point. The aim was to create a comprehensive platform catering to the diverse needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

Expertise in Cryptocurrency:

BLord’s extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency industry sets him apart. His in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuances of the Bitcoin market has solidified his reputation. Throughout his career, BLord has showcased remarkable entrepreneurial talents, navigating the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape with finesse.

BLord Social Media Presence:

Stay updated with BLord’s ventures and insights on Instagram (@blordgroup) and Twitter (@djblord).

BLord Personal Life:

Beyond his entrepreneurial success, BLord, at 25, leads a fulfilling personal life. He is happily married to Linus Francisca, a medical doctor, and they welcomed their first child, Joy Elliot Ifejika, into the world. The couple tied the knot at a young age, with BLord being 21 at the time.

BLord Net Worth:

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BLord’s entrepreneurial ventures have not only garnered him fame but substantial wealth as well. With businesses ranging from cryptocurrency to luxury items, his net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. This valuation is based on careful consideration of publicly available information, highlighting the magnitude of BLord’s success.


BLord’s journey from a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast to Africa’s most affluent Bitcoin vendor and entrepreneur is both inspiring and noteworthy. As he continues to shape the cryptocurrency landscape, BLord’s impact transcends borders, solidifying his legacy in the ever-evolving world of digital currency.

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