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Victoria Orenze, born on March 23, 1993, in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, is a celestial gift in the world of gospel music. At 30 years old, this talented singer and songwriter have captivated hearts with her ability to open the gates of heaven through her melodious voice. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the history, career, personal life, and achievements of Victoria Orenze.

victoria orenze Early Life and Background:

Victoria Orenze, an indigene of Edo State, Nigeria, began her musical journey as a member of her local church’s choir. Although details about her early life are scarce, her profound talent became evident as she evolved from a choir member to a backup singer within her church community.

victoria orenze Career Beginnings:

Victoria’s journey in the gospel music scene started humbly, and her church played a crucial role in nurturing her talent. Encouraged by the support she received, she began composing her songs, aiming to convey powerful messages through her lyrics. Known for her ability to lead praise and worship sessions, Victoria soon gained recognition and invitations to various gatherings.

Collaboration with Nathaniel Bassey:

A turning point in Victoria Orenze’s career came with her collaboration with fellow gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey on the hit song “Alagbada Ina.” This collaboration showcased Victoria’s vocals and talents, propelling her into the spotlight.

Solo Career and Notable Hits:

Venturing into a solo career, Victoria Orenze released the impactful single “On Fire,” further solidifying her position in the gospel music scene. Her discography includes several best-selling singles such as “I Want to See You,” “Covenant Keeping God,” and “Draw.” Her solo hit “On Fire” resonated with audiences, showcasing her ability to lead and inspire.

Concerts and Recognition:

In 2016, Victoria Orenze organized her first concert, “Return,” which proved to be a significant success. Her live performances at various concerts and events have continued to amaze and uplift audiences. Collaborations with renowned artists like Frank Edwards, Praize, and Legendary Sammy Okposo further attest to her influence in the gospel music industry.

victoria orenze Social Media Presence:

Beyond her musical endeavors, Victoria Orenze leverages social media platforms, including Instagram (@victoriaorenze), to spread the message of faith and draw people closer to God.

victoria orenze Personal Life:

While details about her relationship life remain private, Victoria Orenze’s focus on her music and faith is evident. No records or sightings of her marriage have been reported, leading to speculation that she is currently unmarried.

victoria orenze Net Worth:
victoria orenze

With a multi-talented approach to gospel music, Victoria Orenze has achieved an estimated net worth of $250,000.


Victoria Orenze’s journey from a church choir member to a celebrated gospel artist is a testament to her unwavering talent and commitment to spreading the message of faith through music. Her soul-stirring performances and impactful collaborations have solidified her place in the hearts of gospel music enthusiasts. As Victoria Orenze continues to inspire, her story remains a testament to the transformative power of music in sharing the divine message.

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