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Alastair Michael Biography

Alastair Michael is an American actor, movie producer, artistic director and co-founder of Ransack Theatre in Manchester.

Early Life

Alastair Michael’s journey into acting began during his teenage years in school, where he found solace in expressing his emotions through characters on stage. Inspired by Jamie Bell’s performance in “Billy Elliot,” acting became his outlet for navigating and articulating his feelings.


In 2023, Alastair gained widespread recognition for his role as Velvy Schur in the long-running TV series “Silent Witness.” Joining the cast in its 2023 season, he faced the challenge of speaking Yiddish, a language unfamiliar to him. In an interview with Tripwire Magazine, Alastair shared how the role allowed him to reconnect with his Jewish background.

Beyond television, Alastair is deeply involved in theatre as the artistic director and co-founder of Ransack Theatre in Manchester. His one-man show, “Catching Comets,” performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, showcases his versatility as an artist, balancing television and stage work.

Alastair’s versatility shines through in various television series like “Ridley Road” (2021) and “Snatch” (2017). Each role adds to his diverse portfolio, demonstrating his ability to tackle different characters and genres with ease.


Despite online speculation, there is no verified evidence to support claims of any disabilities or declining health for Alastair Michael. He continues to pursue his aspirations with dedication and confronts new challenges with resolute determination.

Net Worth

Alastair Michael’s net worth is not disclosed publicly, but it can be estimated to be around $5 million.

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