Ahmed usman ododo biography: age, tribe & Net worth


Ahmed usman ododo biography

Usman Ododo, a distinguished Nigerian politician, is currently vying for the governorship of Kogi State, bringing exceptional leadership skills and an impressive pedigree to the forefront.

Born on February 7, 1982, in Kogi State, Nigeria, Usman Ododo is a proud member of the Ebira ethnic group, a major community in the state. Raised in a family of accomplished individuals, his father, Alhaji Ahmed Ododo, was a prominent businessman and community leader, while his mother, Hajiya Fatima Ododo, was a revered educator and philanthropist.

Usman Ododo’s commitment to serving his people and contributing to the country’s development stems from his early years.


His educational journey began at the Federal Government College, Okene, where he excelled academically and socially, even serving as the head boy. Furthering his studies, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ahmadu Bello University in 2004 and pursued a master’s degree in Public Administration in 2008. Currently, he is enrolled in a doctoral program in Political Science at the University of Abuja.


Usman Ododo’s career in politics has been marked by various impactful roles, including being a member of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Special Assistant to the Governor, and Chairman of the Kogi State Youth Council. His comprehensive knowledge and experience led to his appointment as the Auditor-General for Local Governments in Kogi State in 2019, under Governor Yahaya Bello.

In this capacity, Ododo prioritized accountability, transparency, and efficiency in managing public funds at the local government level. His visionary leadership, combined with his understanding of the state’s challenges, has positioned him as a formidable candidate for the governorship.

Net worth

Beyond politics, Usman Ododo has diversified his interests, investing in real estate, farming, and hospitality. Known for his modesty and humility, he has dedicated a portion of his fortune to charitable causes. With considerable assets and properties both in Nigeria and elsewhere, Usman Ododo’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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