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Best 10 Daily income business in Nigeria 2021

Published by on October 13th, 2021.

Daily income business in Nigeria

Are you a student or an entrepreneur who wishes to make investments in a enterprise that will generate your every day income, I would as an alternative say this is the proper platform for you to find out daily income business in nigeria and excessive paying enterprise right here in Nigeria

Perhaps, there are thousands of undiscovered commercial enterprise you can make investments on in Nigeria that can pay well.

However, we all recognize Nigeria is a country where financial welfare of the people is nothing of a whole lot Of challenge to the government.

Let’s give some brief information about daily small scale business ideas in Nigeria that will yield lot of profit before going deep into this topic.

What is Daily income?

Daily Income is a day-by-day occuring payment earned from goods sold or by offering rendered services for pay.

One can earn income in different ways online/offline as long as it’s productive. To find the best daily income is easy, but it takes lot of passion and dedication.

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1. Recharge Card Vendor

Selling of Recharge card is a good business to start in Nigeria. Statistics shows that Nigerian’s spend N449.7bn/month on recharge card and Data.

You can make average of N5k per day or more depending on your preferred location.

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This is one of the best daily income business in nigeria you should try out, it pays and doesn’t take much time to succeed in it.

2. P.O.S (Point Of Sale) Service

P.O.S is one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria, People don’t go to banks anymore due to the stress and long queue.

Location also determines the amount you would be making on a daily basis.

You can charge N100, N150 and above per transaction.

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3. Pure Water business

We do consume lot of water while in Lagos traffic or after closing hours from Office.

Probably within 4 to 6 months, you would have acquired enough money to buy a plot of Land in Ikorodu.

Contact Loadedwaves for housewarming video coverage (LOL).

4. Ice block

Here in lagos, Ice block is now expensive (N200) per satchet, you can apply as a supplier for pure water companies or in Unit sellers.

Second part of it is that, most Nigerian’s especially Lagosian’s host parties on Saturdays and Sundays, then this is a great opportunity for you to market your product to event planners.

5. Gala and Drinks

Gala and Drinks business also applies to the idea stated above.

Gala sausage is one of the most consumed snacks in nigeria, this might be a good idea for you if you you’re looking for a daily income business in nigeria.

6. Car Wash Service

This is another lucrative daily income business in Naija that doesn’t require any capital to start.

The best and suitable location for this business is Lagos, Nigeria where there countless numbers of cars.

7. Betting Shop

Starting a betting business requires lot of money for startup but yields lot’s of profit in return.

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Nigerian’s who don’t have access to smartphone or poor internet service would love to place his/her bet at the nearest betting agent, betting business will give opportunity to those category of people.

8. Baking

Baking is one of the best profit making business, school children would love to take snacks to school such as Puff-puff, buns, meatpie, cake and lot more with child Bobo or Caprison to step it down (LOL).

This business is likely to be more profitable in an environment where children and teenagers reside.

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9. Dispatch Rider

A lot of dispatch riders are dedicated to a business all day. This means that if you charge N500 naira for each delivery and run 20 or more per day, it’s equivalent to N10,000 per day.

You can try this out, hire a bike and make cool cash of delivery.

10. Transportation

Transportation business require lot of money to get car, tricycle, or motorbike or any other ones you would be using.

This is also one the best daily income business in Nigeria.

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